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Boys High School Tennis Tournament

2018 FTA Boys High School Tournament

March 2-4, 2018



 The tentative schedule is indicated below. Please note that the FTA recognizes that students may not be allowed early dismissal from school. Matches will be scheduled, whenever possible, to meet the travel demands of each team.


Friday          3:00-7:30 PM Check-in for all schools (Refreshments provided)

                     6:00 PM First group of matches begin

                     8:00 PM Second group of matches begin

        *** Group 2- Play may begin prior to 8:00 PM if teams and courts are available. ***


Saturday    8:15 AM Check in at Dr. Eddie Floyd Tennis Center

                     8:30 AM 1st group of morning matches begin

                     10:30 AM 2nd group of morning matches begin


                     1:00 PM 1st group of afternoon matches begin 

                     3:00 PM 2nd group of afternoon matches begin 

                     6:30 PM Meal/Social provided for all participants, coaches, and parents at one of the local high school cafeterias.           


Sunday       8:15 AM Check in at  Dr. Eddie Floyd Tennis Center    

                    8:30 AM 1st group of morning matches begin

                    10:30 AM 2nd group of morning matches begin including Championship Match


                     Champions and Finalist Trophy presentation



Teams Signed Up



 Hotel Information




Additional Information

  • Each team will play 4 matches:

    • one match on Friday evening

    • one match Saturday morning

    • one match Saturday afternoon

    • one match on Sunday morning

  • Matches will consist of #1 through #5 Singles and #2 Doubles played simultaneously.#1 Doubles will only be played in the event of a 3-3 tie.

  • Match format for singles and #2doubles will be 2 set using no add scoring. A ten point match tiebreak will be used in lieu of a third set.

  • Match format for #1 doubles is an 8 game pro set with a seven point tiebreak at 7-7 per SC High School League rules.

  • SC High School League Rules will take precedence and if not specified will defer to USTA rules.

  • Cost per team is $150

  • All participants will receive a tournament shirt and supper will be provided on Saturday evening for all players, coaches, family members, and out of town guests.

  • Coaches will receive a tournament polo shirt.

  • If you have questions or would like to participate contact Richard Walker at 800-800-2557 or Ed Sprenger at 843-992-2807.

  • Coaches, players, family, and out of town guests are invited to the dinner on Saturday evening as guests of the FTA. Time may be adjusted due to tournament play.