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2016 FTA Membership

The FTA membership year begins January 1st. Go to the membership page to learn more about the discounts offered to FTA members by local business's. Your support allows the FTA to provide beginner clinics for children and adults at discounted pricing to get more people involved in tennis. Sign up now.



2016 Pee Dee Adult League

The 2016 Pee Dee Adult Spring Season is right around the corner. Important upcoming dates are as follows:

  • Team Registration Begins: December 14, 2015
  • Team Registration Ends: January 10, 2015 - You must have the minimum number of players signed up by this date to be a legal team. 18 & Over must have 8 except for 2.5 levels which must have 6. 40 & Over must have 8. 55 & Over must have 6. 75 & Over must have 6.
  • Captains Meeting: Saturday, January 9th at 9am at the Dr. Eddie Floyd Tennis Center.
When you create your team please name them as follows:
P - Pee Dee League
18 - Enter your age level (18, 40, 55, etc)
E - First Initial of captains first name
S - First Initial of captains last name
FTC - Home courts - Use the following:
  • FTC - Florence Tennis Center
  • EBE - Ebenezer Tennis Courts
  • FCC - Florence Country Club
  • HCC - Hartsville Country Club
  • BYP - Byerly Park
  • PTC - Palmetto Tennis Center
  • CCSC - Country Club of South Caolina
Each team captain needs to plan to attend the captains meeting this year. I received a lot of calls, texts and emails from captains who did not attend the meeting last year wanting to know about stuff we covered in the captains meeting. We will go over a lot of important information at the captains meeting so plan to attend. As you think about forming your teams keep the following in mind. Each player must play in two matches to qualify for state. If you have the same players playing on two different teams that is your problem not mine. Last season we had a lot of issues with teams not being able to field enough players for matches because they were committed to too many teams. Captains need to make sure they have enough players committed to Their team. You should not expect a captain to reschedule because you cannot get enough players to play. Number of matches each team will play will be as follows.
  • 2 teams in division - 5 matches
  • 3 teams in division - 6 matches
  • 4 teams in division - 6 matches
  • 5 teams in division - 8 matches


We will go over much more at the captains meeting so please make arrangements to be there. If you have any questions contact me at tournament@thefta.com.


SC Play Tennis License Plates Available

South Carolina finally has a license plate for tennis players and fans! The $30 fee to purchase the Play Tennis! license plate goes to the South Carolina Tennis Patrons Foundation, a charity organization providing grants to kids-at-risk programs, need-based grants to junior players, and academic scholarships. The Foundation also administers the South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame, located in Belton SC.  The easiest way to obtain the plate is to do it online.


Go to www.scdmvonline.com and click on "Order License Plates Online" that appears just above the displayed license plate. On the next page, in the box on the right under "Vehicle Services", click on "Exchange a Plate for a New Plate Design". With your current registration card in front of you, fill out the required information. Note: the vehicle number requested is not your VIN number! The number required is the one that appears at the top right on your registration card. You will be asked what plate you are applying for. Choose the Play Tennis! plate that appears in the gallery of specialty plates. Fees that are owed will be shown. Pay with a credit card. That should do it! An alternative path is to find the plate in the DMV's gallery of specialty plates and click where it says "buy this plate". 


The old-fashioned way to obtain the plate is to download the DMV form MV-95 from the DMV website, fill it out and send it in. The Play Tennis! plate is not yet listed on this form, but the fee for the plate is $30 in addition to any registration fees that may be due.The DMV will mail you the plate with a new registration and stickers. If you have any problems or questions, the DMV encourages you to call their help line at 803-896-5000.










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